Relationship Between Global Warming And Storms

Relationship Between Global Warming And Storms
In this day and age, the universe and the earth have changed drastically both in terms of manmade and natural factors. One of the most important changes to occur in the earth is global warming. Global warming is the gradual increase in temperature in the earth which results in several repercussions which are adverse in nature. It is essentially the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature. This is brought about partly by natural factors but mainly due to the harm was done in the atmosphere by human beings. This is a fact that many people refuse to believe. It called the relationship between global warming and storms.

Relationship Between Global Warming And Storms Are The Mutual Correlation

climate change effects hurricanes
However, there is more than enough science and research to back this claim up. Global warming is a scientific fact and yet people have difficulty believing in it due to the fact that the effects of global warming cannot be seen if you do not look. Global warming to some extent aids in the creation of natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes. How does global warming affect hurricanes? Here we explore how natural disasters such as the relationship between global warming and storms are the mutual correlation.
First and foremost it is important to understand that the changes of temperature are extremely minute and the hence the effect is very low. But due to the scale of natural disasters, the resulting impact could be huge. Natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes build energy when they occur. The strength of the storm is dependent on this energy build up. This energy is found in warm water, hence the reason for storms and hurricanes to frequently occur in places with unstable temperature.

Global Warming Causes Hurricanes

Global Warming Causes Hurricanes
As mentioned before, what climate change effects hurricanes also probably the global warming causes hurricanes which are that will increases atmospheric temperature making it warmer. Hence this, in turn, means that the surface temperature in the sea rises making it warmer. Subsequently, when there is a storm or a hurricane, the increase in surface temperature will emit more energy. This causes the hurricanes to be more intense and they will also last longer at the same time. There have hurricanes increased.
Another factor is the effect natural disasters can have on land. This effect could also be increased due to the effects of global warming. This is due to the fact that global warming causes wetlands to dry out due to the temperature increases. This would mean more dry land leading to more destruction if stronger storms due to global warming take place in the area. Other effects include an increase in the sea levels due to the polar ice caps melting. This also causes the coastline to reduce, resulting in a more oceanic area and less land area. This would lead to more devastation from natural disasters as well.
As you can see from the above information, global warming is very real. And it is endangering the earth as we know it. Natural disasters are things we cannot prevent. However, due to the effects of climate change on extreme weather events, we are increasing the devastation that could be caused by natural disasters. Hence it is essential to be aware of this fact.

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