What Are The Main Causes Of Global Warming?

main causes of global warmingGlobal warming is the gradual increase of heat on earth’s surface, the ocean and the atmosphere on a constant basis. It should be noted that the global warming process is being a great concern from the late 19th century. It has been discovered that the earth’s average temperature has increased by 0.8 degrees Celsius over the last century. The introduction to global warming isn’t that great since it has been predicted that the average temperature is to rise drastically over the next century. The relevant authorities are working on identifying the main causes of global warming and update people with the latest global warming information. Most of the leading climate scientists have discovered that global warming is a result of human activity and the effect of global warming are equally affecting both human and animal species. So, therefore, we could identify a direct link between human activities and the global warming process.

Main Causes Of Global Warming

It would be useful to identify the main causes of global warming which led to the gradual global warming procedure. There are a plenty of causes and reasons behind global warming, where the mankind is responsible for most of them.

Global Warming Causes List

Below has the list of causes of global warming. The list below also can be devoted to becoming the main causes of global warming which mostly occur due to human causes of global warming.

Increased Emission Of CO2 And Burning Fossil Fuel

Increased Emission Of CO2According to scientists, Carbon Dioxide is the most harmful global warming component. With the increased population the emission of CO2 has increased to a great extent and this has directly affected by the global warming process. And also it should be noted that burning of fossil fuel also is a great issue which has led to gradual global warming. Every time a fossil fuel ignites it increase the CO2 level within the atmosphere. Earth naturally emits infrared energy and CO2 absorbs it on a constant basis and it prevents it from entering the space.

Deforestation And Its Consequences

deforestationAll the living plants have the ability to store CO2. But with the increased constructions and other manufacturing, the number of living plants on the surface of the earth has reduced drastically. So this automatically increases the carbon dioxide hold in the atmosphere. This process takes place on a mega level when clearing forests and other grasslands due to forest fires or other reason which are for construction and manufacturing purposes. These have a direct linkage with the increasing global population since people tend to clear forests and start building houses on them.

Increased Use Of Fertilizer

Increased Use Of FertilizerIt is quite common to see a lot of farmers use different types of fertilizer to enhance the soil on earth. But they never notice the negative side of it, which affects them itself. When people add fertilizer to the natural soil the nitrogen oxide content mixes into the air. Nitrogen oxide is more harmful to the atmosphere, where the effect on one pound of nitrogen oxide is equivalent to 300 pounds of carbon dioxide. The more people expect the harvest, more the temperature rises.

Sunspot – A Natural Cause

sunspot solar activitiesThis is among the leading causes which have led to the global warming over the past few decades. NASA of United States has discovered that the increased solar activities have made significant changes in the Earth’s solar radiation levels which automatically causes short-term warming cycles constantly. Sunspots are identified to be the dark spots on suns topmost layer which block hot solar plasma. In a way, this reduces solar radiation but the negative effect is quite significant on the other hand.

Effects Of Global Warming

effects of global warmingClimate authorities and scientist all over the world have identified that the global warming procedure could affect every single aspect of human life within the surface of the earth. It is natural to see an increased demand for food and other supplies as the population rises. But with the global warming effects the food supply has come down drastically, especially in the African Region. This has led to a number of diseases within the African region and quite a few among the other regions. It should be noted that the sea level has risen quite significantly over the last few decades. This is due to warmer polar winters which have led to the melting of Ice. Scientists have discovered that warmer temperature level has led to the increased water evaporation of large water sources and it boosts the cloud formation within the atmosphere and people experience unexpected and higher rainfalls in many regions.
Some indirect effects of global warming on earth are the increased number of Hurricanes which interrupt peoples day to day life and also disease like Malaria has taken on a fast run within many parts of the world. We could see that the global population is rising rapidly and scientists expect things to get worse with time and the increased population.

How To Control Or Prevent Global Warming?

prevent global warmingHow to control global warming? How to prevent global warming Wikipedia terms? We could see that many developed and developing countries are experimenting on different methodologies to prevent or control global warming. It has been discovered the emissions from vehicles has negative effects on the global temperature. Leading car manufacturing companies have introduced electric vehicles with zero or minimum emission to control global warming. The governments and other authorities of many countries have reduced tax levels on these levels to promote the use of them.
People are being encouraged to use alternative sources of energy like solar power. This too is a great methodology to control the global warming which reduces the mining process to a great extent. Different countries and unions of countries have established different climate policies among the member countries to control likely prevention of global warming. It is nice to see people having a great concern over the global warming process.
A single person or signal country cannot take measures to control the increasing global temperature. It should be a collective effort of all the countries and their citizens for the betterment of the future generations. A great combination of power and science could generate some effective mechanism to control or prevent global warming and it is the right time to start working things out so that the main causes of global warming will be minimized.

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