Configure iThemes Security Plugin Step By Step Taken From Training Video

 Configure iThemes Security Plugin

Configure iThemes Security Plugin about sometimes securing your WordPress site can be as simple as just installing a plugin, but after that plugin is installed, you’re left scratching your head wondering how to configure the settings on that plugin. Now, some of these security plugins can be a total headache, if you checked the wrong box or click on the wrong button. Poof! Your site can go up in smoke that easily. So, this video as secret study tips in order to protect wordpress site from hackers that will show you how to configure the iThemes Security plugin, formerly known as Better WordPress Security, and we’re gonna try to do this in less than five minutes. Checkout this training video below such secret study tips:

Configure iThemes Security Plugin Step By Step Such Secret Study Tips

00:28: Now, first, we need to install and activate plugin. So, you wanna log into your Dashboard area of your WordPress site, and then come on over to the sidebar here, and hover over plugins, and then click on ‘Add new’, and then, in the search box, type in ‘iThemes Security’, and then, click on ‘Search plugins’. And it should be the very first one that comes up. Yup, right here. Click on ‘Install Now’, then click on ‘Okay’, and then click on ‘Activate plugin’. Then, you have a couple of things that were added to your site. You get this blue bar up here, and over here in the left side bar, you got the iThemes Security link. And when you hover over this, you have these features pop out here.

01:03: Now what we wanna do, first, is go to the Dashboard. And you do that by clicking on ‘Dashboard’ here. Or this will get you to the Dashboard as well, if you click on the ‘Secure your site now’ in the blue bar at top. So, let’s go ahead and click on the ‘Secure your site now’ button up here in the blue bar, and that will get rid of the blue bar as well, then you get this box that pops up. Now before we start going through these four steps, I’m gonna go and dismiss that for now, and I wanna show you the rest of the interface here. These tabs here coincide with those under these iThemes Security link here in the sidebar to configure iThemes Security plugin. Before you do any of this stuff, you wanna go ahead and do a full back up of both files and your database. Now, one of the steps, actually the very first step on that box that was just up here, and I’ll bring that back here in a second, was to do a backup; but that backup is just for the database. What I’m talking about is doing a full backup that you’ve must doing it to protect wordpress site.

01:51: And, since we’re not moving our site to another domain, or any of that stuff, a quick and easy backup, is simply to go to your cPanel Control Panel, or a FTP client, and just download everything to a folder on your desktop. That’s gonna be all of your files. And if need be, if something goes wrong during the installation or the configuration, you can just delete everything on your server, and then just upload all those files that you just downloaded. And make sure that you have your working database installed as well and everything will be just like it was, prior to you installing or activating your iThemes Security plugin as a consider to configure iThemes Security plugin.

Configure iThemes Security Plugin

So, with that in mind, let’s go ahead and scroll down here a little bit more and you’ve got the different security statuses. You’ve got the high priority, the medium priority, and the low priority. Now, you wanna ideally get rid of everything in the red box here, in the high priority sections. Got a little bit of a write up here on each one of these sections, so be sure and read that to make sure you’ll truly to configure iThemes Security plugin.

02:43: Now, the step three, in that blue box that was just up here, and I’ll show you that here in a second, is a ‘One Click Secure’. That’s gonna take care of a lot of this basic stuff, and everything else you can fix individually by clicking on the blue ‘Fix it’ button to the right of each one of these items. Now, some of these items, if you fix it, it may conflict with an already installed the activate plugin or theme, or some the content that’s on your website. ‘Cause, right now, I’m working on a fresh install, and you wanna be very careful whenever you’re doing this stuff on a seasoned site, one that has a lot of plugins, a lot of content. That’s why it’s a great idea and make it as secret study tips, actually you’re kinda silly if you don’t do a full back up first. Again, files and database.

03:24: And then, this box here, gives you a list of everything that’s been fixed in the Completed section. And we scroll down here, there’s more system information. Then, at the bottom, you’ve got this Active lockout. It’s a good idea to know where this is located at, just in case someone trying to legitimately login to your site, and just kept trying the wrong password over and over again, because they forgot what theirs was, they’re gonna get locked out. You can just come on down here, check the box next to their name, and then click on ‘Release lockout’. And if you decide to do things a little more manually, in other words, you don’t want to configure iThemes Security plugin to automatically adjust the ‘.htaccess’ file, or the ‘wp-config.php’ file, then you’ll come down here, and copy the code that’s in here, and manually paste it into the ‘.htaccess’ file for the rewrite rules. Say that three times fast. Or the code that’s in here, and paste it into the ‘wp-config.php’ file. I’m gonna have the plugin do all that stuff for me.

04:19: Okay, so that’s a quick run-down here, and you’ve got these other tabs here. Now, I would suggest highly, that right after you’ve done your backup, before you do anything else here, go ahead and click on this link here. That’s gonna take you to the’s website for additional tutorials and additional information on this particular plugin. Now, they also have a pro plugin, but we’re dealing with the free plugin. So, here’s some additional information here. It’s always a good idea to know additional information, right? But, I’m gonna cover all the basics in this video. I just want you to know that there is another place you can go for more info.

04:51: Let’s go ahead and get out of here. Come on back here, and bring that blue box back up. I’m doing that by clicking on ‘Show intro’ there. Now, let’s go ahead and start our clock. Make a backup. Remember, we’ve already done our full backup, in theory anyway. That just did our database backup, that quick. Going to allow the plugin to do all of the updates on the two files I mentioned. The ‘.htaccess’ and the ‘wp-config’ file; and that’s done. Now, the ‘One Click Secure’. Don’t blink. Boom! Yeah. What was that? A couple seconds? Way under five minutes. And this, I’m just gonna go on ahead and click on to allow the iThemes plugin to send information back to their site from our site, letting them know what items of the plugin was enabled. Okay. We’re done, dismiss. Now then, kind of a refresh. Go ahead and click on this button here, ‘Temporarily whitelist my IP’, just in case something goes wrong in amongst the stuff I’m gonna be messing with here, it’s not gonna lock me out. You can read more to configure iThemes Security plugin from top to bottom of this posts repeatedly.

05:56: Now, if you come on down, you can see almost everything is taken care of out of here, except for these two guys. Let’s go ahead and do this now. Click on the ‘Fix it button’, next to the Admin user still exists. We’re gonna change that out, by checking this box here. Put in a different name. Well, you’d think I’ve done this before. And then, click on this box here, to get rid of the ID number one. We’re gonna replace that with ID number two or whatever the next ID is that’s available. Click on ‘Save Admin user’… Oh, and at this point, you wanna have your password handy ’cause it’s gonna log you out.

06:51: And let’s come on back over to our Dashboard of the iThemes Security plugin. Come on down and this is the last item here for the red stuff, that’s the important stuff. And that’s the database. Go ahead and check that box there. Adjust, however many days you want between database backups and this depends on how active your site is. Click on ‘Save all changes’, and we are done. About two and a half minutes. And that’s it. That’s how easy it is to configure iThemes Security plugin. And don’t forget to hit up that website for additional information about these others tabs. Thanks for review secret study tips, and you have a great day to do your security to protect wordpress site against breaches.

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