Amazing Sophisticated Military Weapon – General Atomics P46 Predator C "Avenger" UAV

Predator or Reaper. These are all the usual jargon that you hear if you were played a game of Modern Warfare. P46 is the best Avenger UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle) of their fourth generation. The aircraft without has been used widespreadly in Afghanistan and Iraq by U.S militaries in the “War Against Malignancies” of them. 

Avenger also equipped by stealth radar technology besides, it uses avionics system which is almost similar to the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter. According to General Atomic’s press release, the partially stealthy jet met all of its performance objectives for the sortie. The second aircraft has a fuselage that is four feet longer than the first Avenger prototype to fit in more fuel and payload capacity.

Before this, the fan engine has been used by mostly UAV product, but Avenger made by General Atomics using engine jet. This engine jet product can be able to operate along 12 hours without need for landing The jet can carry 3,500 pounds of weapons and equipment internally and has wing hard points that can carry 500 pounds to 2,000 pounds class weapons.

The C-model is by far the fastest and most capable of the Predator family, which includes the original Predator-A, MQ-9 Reaper, and the MQ-1C Grey Eagle.

The Avenger can fly at more than 400 knots true airspeed and has an endurance of more than 16 hours. It can also be equipped with a Lynx multi-mode radar, an electro-optical/infrared camera. The aircraft has a 44-foot long fuselage, a 66-foot wingspan.

This is our future. War can be occured with remote controlled by satellite towards through the medium of SKYNET. The price of that aircraft is USD 15 million per one!

Check out two videos below of the sophisticated military weapon technology:
Sources from TVR photos

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